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Week in pictures 06/07/12

Week in pictures 06/07/12 This week's picture retrospective includes a dazzling laser show,  a Tower Bridge doppelganger and the world's biggest pothole.
1. I've got you in my sights: A rider prepares to fire an arrow during the Ongkor Festival,  or Bumper Harvest Festival, which is celebrated every year by farmers in Tibet who pray  for a good harvest of crops.
2. Think we're going to need a stronger detergent to get these clean: Participants taking part in the 2nd Swamp Soccer 
World Championships which were held in Beijing, China. A total of 32 teams from firms and government agencies took part.
3. A polar bear emerges after swimming underwater to snaffle a fish at Hagenbeck Zoo's new Arctic Ocean attraction in Hamburg.
4. Think the potholes in Britain are bad? This sinkhole suddenly appeared on a main road in Changsha, China. T he street has now been blocked off and engineers are working out how to fill it in. It is still not clear what caused it.


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