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Week in pictures 06/07/12


Week in pictures 06/07/12
This week's picture retrospective includes a dazzling laser show, 
a Tower Bridge doppelganger and the world's biggest pothole.
1. I've got you in my sights: A rider prepares to fire an arrow during the Ongkor Festival, 
or Bumper Harvest Festival, which is celebrated every year by farmers in Tibet who pray 
for a good harvest of crops.
2. Think we're going to need a stronger detergent to get these clean: Participants taking part in the 2nd Swamp Soccer 
World Championships which were held in Beijing, China. A total of 32 teams from firms and government agencies took part.
3. A polar bear emerges after swimming underwater to snaffle a fish at Hagenbeck Zoo's new Arctic Ocean attraction in Hamburg.
4. Think the potholes in Britain are bad? This sinkhole suddenly appeared on a main road in Changsha, China. T
he street has now been blocked off and engineers are working out how to fill it in. It is still not clear what caused it.
5. These two teenagers travelled to their school prom in Barbie doll boxes. 
The plywood and perspex boxes came complete with Mattel branding. 
The pair travelled to the prom on the back of a flat-bed trailer.
6. Mine's a pint: Barack Obama enjoys a beer with Jennifer Klanac at Ziggy's Pub in Amherst, Ohio,
during a break from a two-day campaign tour.
7. Team Saxo Bank rider Jonathan Cantwell of Australia lies on the ground after a fall during the 
fifth stage of the 99th Tour de France cycling race between Rouen and Saint-Quentin.
8. Look familiar? A Chinese developer has built a replica Tower Bridge in Suzhou, China. 
But, obviously not content with having just one bridge, the developers have doubled up. 
The top floor of the construction boasts a coffee shop called Tower Bridge Coffee - promising 'English' style coffee. 
9. Russian swimmers perform an underwater ballet at an aquarium in Fuzhou, China.
10. Getting in the Wimbledon spirit: Harry the hermit crab holds a miniature Lego tennis racquet in his home at LEGOLAND.
11. A laser show projected from the Shard skyscraper on the South Bank, London, 
seen from Parliament Hill, marking the completion of the exterior of the building.
12. Look at the size of that one! A man has discovered an enormous 7kg mushroom in the forest behind his house in Changning, China.
13. Covered in mud, jockey Enrique Alonzo Gonzalez pulls on the reins after riding 
Finally Kruisin to a fourth place finish at the Hastings Racecourse in Vancouver, Canada.
14. Armed police surround a coach on the M6 toll road after reports that a passenger on board had been seen
 'pouring liquid into a smoking bag'. After 16 fire crews, 24 armed police as well as sniffer dogs turned up it 
transpired that a man on board had simply been using an electronic cigarette.



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