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Region: South America
Area Total: 176,215km2 
Coast Line: Atlantic Ocean
Capital: Montevideo Legislative Palace Terrace Club, one of the oldest building  in the Old Town Colonia-del-Sacramento Old street in Colonia del Sacramento Punta del Este Punta del Este Punta del Este La-mano-The-hand-La mano from Mario Irarrazabal - Punta del Este Sirens in the peninsula, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Digital pictures of HD

Digital pictures of HD


M I Z O R A M <><>  I N D I A

Very Cool Vintage Car Collection

They don't make beauties like these anymore...

1921 Farman A6B Super Sport Torpedo

1922 Marmon Model 34B Speedster

1927 Isotta-Fraschini Tipo 8A Fleetwood Roadster

1929 duPont Model G Speedster

1930 Isotta-Fraschini 8A SS Castagna Torpedo Sport

1930 Minerva Van Den Plas Cabriolet

1930 Ruxton Model C Raunch and Lang Roadster

1931 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS Touring Flying Star Spyder

1931 duPont Model H Merrimac Sport Phaeton

1932 REO Royale Convertible Coupe

1933 Hispano Siuza J12 Deletren Freres Cabriolet

1936 Delahaye 135 Competition Court Figoni et Falaschi Coupe

1936 Delahaye 135 Figoni et Falaschi Torpedo Cabriolet

1937 Delahaye 145 Chapron Coupe

1938 Delage D8-120 VanVooren Cabriolet

1938 Delahaye 135 M Figoni et Falaschi Cabriolet

1938 Horch 853A Erdmann & Rossi Sport Cabriolet

1938 Talbot Figoni & Falaschi 7/23 Faux Cabriolet

1939 BMW 328

1939 Delage D8 120S Letourneur Et Marchand Aerosport Coupe

1939 Delahaye 165 Figoni et Falasc…