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The week in photos 1/6/2012



The week in photos 1/6/2012
Jubilee fever, colliding galaxies and a footballing elephant 
make our weekly photo retrospective.
The Shard 
1: This spectacular image shows beams of light reflecting off the nearly completed glass-clad Shard in Central London. 
The 1,061ft building - Europe's tallest - looked stunning in the glorious sunshine.
2: He must be quackers: A farmer takes his ducks to market via motorcycle in Nam Ha province, Vietnam.
Barcelona Airport Cleaning … 
3: Passengers attempt to check in their luggage among rubbish and papers strewn at Barcelona Airport. 
Cleaning staff held a two-day strike after airport operator company AENA announced a 1.3 million euro budget cut.
Boys escaping the heat, play … 
4: Two boys cool off in a fountain at the India Gate monument in New Delhi, India, as a 40C heatwave swept across the capital.
5: Ahoy there! Andrew Southerden, landlord at the Coach & Horses in Kibworth, Leicestershire, 
has turned his pub into a ship to mark the Diamond Jubilee.
An Elephant pictured with … 
6: With only a few days to go, it's not just the people who are getting into the spirit of the Euro 2012. 
Donna - an Asian elephant - showed off her football skills in front of visitors at Whipsnade Zoo, Bedfordshire.
Kate Middleton 
7:Pretty in pink: The Duchess of Cambridge meets guests during a garden party held at Buckingham Palace, London.
Prince Charles (L) and Princess … 
8: Prince Charles and Princess Anne play in the sand with their corgi at Holkham Beach, Norfolk, in the summer of 1957. 
Home videos filmed by Queen Elizabeth were released for the first time on Friday, giving a glimpse of life behind the scenes
at Buckingham Palace.
A man falls into the water … 
9: A man falls into the water as he walks in a flooded street in Montreal, Quebec. 
The Canadian city was hit by flash floods after heavy thunderstorms blew across the island on Tuesday afternoon.
10: A horse that got stuck in the mud was airlifted to safety after a painstaking four-hour rescue operation in California.
The drama unfolded when the horse named Duke ran into trouble after getting stuck in thick mud at the Hansen Dam 
Aquatic Center in Lake View Terrace. 
Luckily, Duke was able to get back on his feet where he was checked over and found to have only suffered minor injuries.
Milky Way 
11: This magical image released by Nasa shows a stage in the predicted merger between our Milky Way galaxy 
and the Andromeda galaxy. Our galaxy is on a collision course with its nearest neighbour, Andromeda, and the 
head-on crash is expected in four billion years, astronomers said this week. Experts have long theorised that a 
clash of these galaxy titans was on the way, although it was unknown how severe it might be, or when, with guesses 
ranging from three to six billion years.
Visitors kneel at Arlington … 
12: US Memorial Day: Visitors kneel at Arlington West, a temporary cemetery - which uses crosses and other religious symbols 
to represent the servicemen killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Sponsored by Veterans for Peace, it was built on the beach
at Santa Monica, California.
A man dives into a pond on … 
13: A man dives into a pond on Hampstead Heath in north London as temperatures rose above 27C at the beginning of the week.
US company SpaceX's cargo … 
14: US company SpaceX's Dragon cargo vessel splash landed in the Pacific Ocean - capping a successful mission to the 
International Space Station that blazed a new path for private spaceflight.
San Francisco Celebrates 75th … 
15: A stunning firework display over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. 
The 1.7-mile steel suspension bridge celebrated its 75th anniversary. One of the wonders of the 
modern world it opened to traffic on 27 May 1937.
The Olympic Flame Continues … 
16: A view from the summit of Mount Snowdon in Llanberis, Wales. 
Legendary mountaineer Sir Chris Bonington, 77,was given the honour of carrying the torch 
to the summit of Wales's highest mountain where his climbing career began 61 years ago. 
The Olympic Flame was on day 11 of a 70-day relay involving 8,000 torchbearers covering 8,000 miles.

17: A Pakistani girl cools off in a water channel in Lahore. Heat wave conditions in Pakistan 
have brought temperatures in excess of 104 degrees Fahrenheit in many parts of the country.



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