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The week in photos 15/6/2012



The week in photos 15/6/2012
Britain under water, galaxies colliding and a trio of 
hungry owls make our weekly pictures round-up.

1. A photographer was lucky enough to capture this amazing picture of a tornado which formed off the Cornish coast in 
bad weather. The huge twister was spotted off Bossiney Bay, in Tintagel, North Cornwall, by photographer Avian Sandercock. 
He said the funnel cloud whirled around the coastline for ten minutes - heading towards a holiday park before disappearing. 
Photo credit: SWNS
2. These Jack Russells were competing in a hurdle racing event during the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge in Del Mar, California. 
The event features dogs competing in a variety of events including dog surfing, dog diving, freestyle flying disc, head-to-head weave poles.
3. Thousands watched as Glasgow's iconic Red Road flats were demolished. 
Controlled explosives brought down the tower block at 153-213 Petershill Drive. 
The remaining seven multi-storeys at Red Road are due to be demolished by 2017 as part of regeneration plans.
4.'Mum, where's dinner? We're starving!:There was only one thing on the minds of these baby owls when they were pictured 
peering out from their nest: 'Where's dinner?' Wildlife photographer Richard Peters was lucky enough to capture the heart-warming 
moment as the three Little Owls waited for their mother to return to the nest. Like many birds at this time of year, their mother was 
busy feeding up her young.
5. The Hubble Space Telescope shows a rare view of a pair of overlapping galaxies, called NGC 3314. 
The two galaxies look as if they are colliding, but they are actually separated by tens of millions of light-years, 
or about ten times the distance between our Milky Way and the neighboring Andromeda galaxy.
6. A crew members of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy is pictured in the midst of the ICESCAPE mission - retrieving supplies 
for some mid-mission fixes dropped by parachute from a C-130 in the Arctic Ocean. Scientists punched through the sea ice to find 
waters richer in phytoplankton than any other region on 

7. Top of the picture is nine times world champion Orlando Duque, of Colombia, as he dives 23m from a helicopter next to 
Ashford Castle during a training session in the build up to the 2012 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series at Cong, Ireland.
Jessica Ennis 
8. British Airways has painted a 75m image of British Olympic heptathlete Jessica Ennis using 600 litres of paint 
under the Heathrow flight path in this a remarkable publicity stunt. Photo credit: British Airways
9. A demonstrator wears a plastic bag over his head to shield himself from a dyed water cannon used 
by the Indian police to disperse a protest by government employees, in Srinagar, India.
10. Locals make their way through knee-deep flood waters in Felpham, near Bognor Regis, West Sussex. 
A month's worth of rain fell in 12 hours in parts of the South East this week sparking flood warnings.
11. This is the dramatic moment firefighters battled to rescue a terrified seal pup called 'Bob' after he became separated 
from its mother during stormy weather. The tiny pup - believed to be only a week old - was beached on mud flats after 
strong currents swept his mother out to sea. Fortunately he was spotted as he struggled to get back into the water 
and firefighters, tied to ropes, waded out to rescue him before wrapping him in a towel. Photo credit: SWNS
Britain's Catherine, Duchess … 
12. The Duchess of Cambridge laughs with Queen Elizabeth while they watch a children's sports event during a visit to Vernon Park in Nottingham.
13. The Orbital Science Corporation's "Stargazer" plane is shown releasing its Pegasus rocket. 
Nasa launched its Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) on a Pegasus rocket from Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands.
14. People attend the White Dinner event in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. Participants who attend the dinner,
 which takes place at a different place in Paris every year, are required to be dressed in white and bring their own food, 
drink and cutlery to the event.
15. This Morrisons Supermarket in Aberystwyth, Wales, became flooded after the River Rheidol burst its banks 
as parts of Britain were hit by torrential rainfall.




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