Region: Southern Africa
Area: 1,221,037 km2
Coast line: Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean
Capital: Cape Town
Apartheid Museum Entrance
Apartheid Museum
Apartheid Museum
On Constitution Hill in Johannesburg is not only the Constitutional Court of South Africa, here you can also find the Old Fort Prison Complex, which has experienced some 100 years of history. Here sat an Englishman who had fought on the Boer side, striking miners, and finally anti-apartheid activists. So that was also called "Number Four" building known as one of the most notorious prisons of the apartheid era. Thousands of people, including Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi were imprisoned here. A guided tour of the modern museum visitors the cruel prison conditions and are generally out of the horrors of that dark era in South Africa in mind.
~ But South Africa's remarkable path to freedom and democracy will be documented. ~
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Gandhi traveled in May 1893 as a young lawyer in South Africa Motivated by his own befell discrimination through racial segregation, he began to get involved for the rights of the Indian minority of about 60,000 people in South Africa
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If God dwells in everything that exists in the universe, when are the scholars as the street sweeper from God, then there is no one who is high and no one is low, all without limiting the same, they are the same, because they creatures that are the Creator.
Mahatma Gandhi

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