World Attractions At Night


World Attractions At Night

1. Great Wall of China.

2. The Eiffel Tower.

3. Coliseum.

4. Statue of Liberty.

5. George Washington Bridge.

6. Sydney Opera House.

7. Pyramid of the Louvre.

9. The London eye.

11. Taj Mahal.

12. Petronas Towers.

14. Pyramids and necropolis of Giza.

16. Sphinx.

17. Mount Rushmore.

18. TV Tower in Auckland.

20. International Finance Centre in Hong Kong.

21. Lublin Castle.

22. The hotel "Burj Al Arab".

23. Petra.

25. Versailles.

2. Atomium in Brussels.

6. Acropolis of Athens.

7.Temple of Zeus in Athens.

9. Chain Bridge in Budapest.

11. Rock of Cashel, Ireland.

12. Washington Monument.

13. Trakai Castle, Lithuania.

14. Adolphe Bridge, Luxembourg.

16. Canals of Amsterdam.

17. Parliament House in Bucharest.

20. Torso skyscraper Swept in Malmo, Sweden.

21.Empire State Building.

22. Story Bridge in Brisbane, Australia.



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