Adorable animal expressions in photos

Adorable animal expressions in photos
From a smiley seal to a jaw-dropping polar bear, see some sensational photos captured by 
photographer Sergey Kokinskiy after he got up close and personal with wildlife living in colder climates. 
Warning: The following images are so cute, they could make your heart melt.
1: Here's looking at you, kid! A baby Adelie penguin is pictured with two elder ones 
during feeding time on Paulet Island, Antarctica. 
The Russian photographer likens his craft to one 
2: An Adelie penguin looks bewildered on Paulet Island, Antarctica.
3: A sleepy fur seal is pictured catching a few winks on a rock in Stromness, South Georgia Island.
4: "I'm so embarrassed. I thought the invitation said 'come as you are' so I wore my birthday suit, 
but everyone else turned up in tuxedos! Where are my glasses?"
5: Ice to meet you: A weddell seal literally chills out in Cierva Cove, Antarctic Peninsula. 
Speaking about his breathtaking work, photographer Sergey Kokinskiy said: "If you notice, 
many of the subjects of my photos could have recognisable human emotions transferred onto them: 
love, envy, hatred, greed, malice, cunning, compassion, and more."
6: A fur seal looks surprised on Stromness, South Georgia Island.
7: Happy feet: This picture of a group of penguins dancing is one of many highlights 
of the wildlife photographer's jaw-dropping work.
8: A pensive chinstrape penguin on the South Orkney Islands.
9: Open wide: This polar bear could be either yawning or shocked as Sergey snaps the 
furry creature in action on Franz Josef Land, Russia.


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